Be part of the human-coral symbiosis. Your contribution brings resilient corals back to the reefs.


We are a partner with Amigos of Costa Rica, a nonprofit organization that supports sustainable development in Costa Rica. Our donations are tax deductible (both in USA or CR)
Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

Some examples of what your donation will provide:


Deliver 20 copies of Lara Rios’s children’s book Los Corales Mágicos to children in public schools


Purchase supplies for planting a 100-coral reef patch


Pays for an underwater coral nursery structure.


Pays for a 3-day fragging expedition to the nursery, or a 3-day expedition to plant corals at a restoration site.


Pays for Scuba gear, training, and salary for a local assistant. 

$10.000 DONATION

Become a Signature Donor for a local field station and marine education center in Golfo Dulce.